Alvin Mumbašić, better known for his artistic name, Alvin Tech is a Sarajevo music producer and a DJ. Born on October 4 1984, he shows his love and interest in music from the earliest days of his life. As a boy he listened to his father's records by the rock scene from that time. Electronic music became his obsession from the very beginning of the arrival of this sound in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the beginning, he was regularly going to the Rave, intensively observing what DJs worked behind the counter and a few years later his DJ career began. He quickly overcomes all the mixing techniques and starts organizing Rave parties to gain valuable experience and contact with the audience. After the first couple of years of doing music, he recorded many performances across the country. In 2010, he devoted his work to music production and released his first album and many other EP releases, including remixes for well-know producers. Alvin does not limit himself in music directions - he tracks all the styles of electronic music, but is best recognized in Minimal and Techno. In his sets, he most appreciates the quality of production, artistic value and innovation, with special attention to making a good story as a whole, because the set must make sense especially the way of tracks selection. People close to him and those who listen to him often say that his music is characterized by powerful grooves sprinkled with emotions. He seeks inspiration in everyday life, because for him life is the greatest inspiration. He was influenced by many artists such as Milan Mladenovic, Branimir Dznoni Stulic, Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Liam Howlet, Richie Hawtin, Ben Sims, Derrick Mey, Funk D Void, Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson, Marko Bailey, Chris Liebing and many others.